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What are we doin' here?

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there's something coming soon!

Beady Eyed Brat

Tutorials on every subject

Clay Lessons

Free to join, most of the tutorials you have to pay for but there's lots to choose from and there are also some free ones

Craft Bits

Craft Gossip |



Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "keep looking" for more links in different categories

Custom Dollhouse Miniatures

Desiree's How-to Desk

Dollmakers Dream
Great tutorials for sculpters and dollmakers


Look to the right to find links to more tutorials on covering, faux, home decor, jewelry, miniatures, sculpting, vessels

Fantasy Clay

Glass Attic 

One of the best sites online! It's sort of an encyclopedia for polymer clay-the sheer volume of info makes up for the few dead links-prepare to spend days there!


There are 304 tutorials including 69 videos

Kato Polyclay

Nora Jean

A bit challenging to navigate but there are some
hidden treasures!

Parole de Pate The site is in French - wherever you see the word "tuto" that's a tutorial

PC Polyzine

Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy

Polymer Clay Central

Polymer Clay Express

Polymer Clay Tutorial Heaven 

Lots of great jewelry info also

Polymer Clay Web 

Some tutorials but also an all around helpful site for techniques, tools, equipment, and more.

Ponsawan Sila 

Make sure to look in the blog archives

Sarajane Helm

The whole site is worth looking at...lots of great info

Saved by Love Creations

Sky Grazer Designs

Sunni Bergeron

Tanja's Treasures

Just a few tutorials but good ones


YouTube | On



Most of these sites have multiple links to tutorials...some will be repeats but each site offers something unique. This should keep you busy for many, many clay days!



Where DO you find all those scrumptious polymer clay thingies? You simply MUST share!

Millie Fiorie

Compare liquid polymer transparency

Tension, compression and Flexibility tests

Cure polymer clay on the stove

Wrap & reduce a cane |

Video by Iris Mishly

Cynthia Blanton - testing leached Premo

Cynthia Blantons Blog: Cane Slicing

Kim Korringa Designs-Making a Cane

Ouchless Sanding Tool

Microwaving Polymer Clay

Jodi Bishel - Wavy Blade

Crush Helix - Jodi Bishel

Color Inspiration Exercises

Make a Kaleidascope

Online Color Mixer

Face Cane - Layl McDill

Polymer Art Archive

Layl McDill's canes

Kathleen Dustin

Elise Winters

Donna Kato

Maggie Maggio

Polymer Clay Daily


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